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We believe in providing our customers with a full range of grooming and bathing options in a spa atmosphere at affordable prices. Mixing and matching to your pet's needs is our specialty.

And because every pet has its unique grooming challenges, we offer no-obligation consultations.

Full Service Grooming consists of all aspects of grooming by a professional certified Groomer.

Prices range as follows: 
(** Breed specific cuts may vary, ** extra may apply for matted/temperament/difficulty of dog.)

Small (0-30 lbs) $30 - $45
Medium (31-65 lbs) $45- $65
Large (66-90 lbs) $55- $75
X-Large (91 lbs and up) $65 and up

These will include but are not limited to the following:
  • Bath and Shampoo (choice of Fresh Pet, Oatmeal and conditioner)
  • Blow dry
  • Brush out
  • Haircut/trim
  • Privates, pads and feet trim
  • Nail trim and/or filing
  • Ear cleaning
  • Anal gland expressing
  • Coat mist/cologne
  • Bandana/Bows

Full Service Baths:  Include Bath/Blow Dry/Brush Out/Nail trim and/or filing/Ear Cleaning: (choice of Fresh Pet, Oatmeal shampoo and conditioner)  * prices based on breed, coat and temperament

Small (0-30 lbs)  $20- $40
Medium (31-65 lbs)  $30- $55
Large (66-90 lbs)  $45-$75
X-Large (91 lbs and up)  $55 +

Self Service Wash Bays provides the customer with all the materials to bathe and dry their dogs within the salon facility. 
  • Shampoo/Conditioners (premium shampoos/conditioners available)
  • Towels
  • Salon Dryers
  • Add on services can also be purchased such as nail trims or filing, ear cleaning, pad conditioning and teeth cleaning.

Small (0-30 lbs) $12
Medium (31-65 lbs) $16
Large (66 lbs and up) $18

Puppy: introduce your new addition to the world of being groomed.  Experts agree that it's never too early to introduce your pet to fine grooming- bring your little one in.

Spa Packages/Add Ons are designed to provide a bundle of pampering and care. 

  • Spa Smile: Teeth cleaned (tooth brush/paste), oral dental wipe of gums/mouth and fresh mint mouth wash- $6
  • Pawdicure: Paw sani-scrub, pad revitalizing and conditioning treatment- $6
  • ** Pawlish nail color: $8 pair of paws; $15 all four paws

  • Add Blueberry facial: $4
  • Bath Upgrades available too!
  • Flea Bath: $10
    De-Skunk: $10 (includes teeth cleaned)
    De-Furminating: Shampoo / conditioner and brush out- Starting at $10 and up.

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